Cognitive Computing in IT Operations

A cognitive Computing is like a knowledgeable colleague or expert which doesn’t get tired and it is continuously updating its knowledge base. Cognitive computing is helping enterprises by automating IT and business processes. Savings and benefits are very visible in the Service desk environment where some customers have gotten 25-50%% in savings measured in the research done by Gartner

With proper planning and right partner, majority of IT Service Desk and Infrastructure system support can be performed using cognitive computing. This will release the human workforce from doing repeatable laborious job and focus on more valuable tasks which require human touch and intelligence.

Cognitive Computing in IT Operations
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Cognitive Computing is not replacement of human but it is an Help.

Lets Think of a general scenario:
When there is system failure, IT Administrator need to go through logs and past history. IT Administrator will also need to look at the knowledge base to check whether there is possible solution for that. Based on the information, he will take the final decision. All these things happen while subjected to stress person might be facing because of service disruption.

Now the same scenario with Cognitive Computing enabled IT Administrator:
When there is system failure – cognitive system will go through the past history, logs and also check around the globe whether this problem has been seen before and what are the possible solutions. This system will prioritize the possible solution and preset to IT Administrator as a list. All within few seconds/minutes. At this stage, IT Administrator decided which solution to use and perform necessary actions to resolve the issue. In addition, Cognitive System may also identify other systems in the environment which may also susceptible to same issue.

Benefits for Managed Service Providers by using Cognitive Computing:

Managed Service Providers will be able to reduce their cost and have faster delivery of service. Providers will be able to support more projects with the same number of headcounts resulting in higher profits. Managed Service Providers may choose to use cognitive computing at all the stages of IT support from Service Desk to deep troubleshooting. IBM Watson and IPSoft have already shown that automated IT Operations is possible and cognitive computing is the future.

Those who fails to adopt to new automated service delivery are expected to lag behind in both market share and revenue.

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