Currently there is less information available about the what are the customer’s expectations from cloud products and services. This blog has been created to address this issue and highlight cloud expectations from a customer point of view.

My name is Vinay Gupta and I am a part time blogger. I am based in Singapore and working as Lead Sales Engineer with BT Global Services. My responsibilities include supporting various teams in new deals and solution design. I am a big believer of Everything-as-a-Service model for IT related services. If it is helpful, my LinkedIn profile has detail background.

If would like to reach out to me just drop me an email at vinay.gupta@cloudexpectations.com

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed anywhere on www.CloudExpectations.com are mine and not the views and opinions of my employer.

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There are some articles which are being written by some experienced personals. One of the most prominent of them is Craig Hansen. Currently completing his PhD in the Creative Industries, Craig has 20 years business, education and industry experience in the IT sector. You can know more about him by checking out his LinkedIn Profile.